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6 ideas for Dealing with Rain on Your Wedding Day

Our new backgrounds at the studio

Well hello there! Have you been searching for the best place to get Boudoir photos in New Jersey? Here are our new backgrounds at the studio.

Be happy about your boudoir

The Boudoir Menu

Yes we actually have a menu! It will make your Boudoir experience that more tantalizing. Also our Home cooked "Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake" will blow your mind!

Bridal Boudoir with makeup and music, what could be more sexy?

What to wear to your next Boudoir Session

Deciding what to wear to your Boudoir/ Bridal boudoir session is fun and easy with this Quick guide. Remember Just how beautiful you are!

A great wedding couple! Photography at the beverly prespeterian church

Cheesecake and Boudoir, Oh my!

Cheesecake and Boudoir, Oh My! Yes, ladies you read correctly. Amazing Light Studios makes delicious, homemade cheesecakes for each boudoir session. These cheesecakes are mouth watering!

Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant, NYC, NY with Liz and Glenn

Our Hand crafted albums

This is your end product. Something you and your special someone will look through for years. Every-time you see it, it will lift your spirit up and put a smile on your face!

Bridal Boudoir with makeup and music, what could be more sexy?

Boudoir Portfolio

Boudoir is the best and most empowering gift you can give yourself! It is the pinnacle of capturing just how sexy you truly are. Take a peek of what we can capture at Amazing Light!



- Melissa Monaghan

Such an amazing and fun experience! I surprised my husband with a "little black book" on the day of our wedding!!! He absolutely loved it and was shocked! I broke out of my shell for this and it was totally worth it! Aftinn and her husband are great! Aftinn made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Oh and her cheesecake is to die for!

- Latesha Newman

It was awesome and a very great experience to have with my husband! Both photographers were amazing at capturing that perfect pose!! I said I would do a boudoir only 2x...I'm very tempted to do this one more time!!!

- Stephanie Cyr

Aftinn is so professional I felt extremely comfortable and had so much fun!! At first I was nervous about wearing lingerie but she gave me a glass of wine, did my makeup and the most delicious home made cheesecake I've ever tasted!!! I became so relaxed then and excited.. All pictures were done in private rooms. So much fun!!! I am definitely going to be going back to her for some more boudoir pictures!!

The beautiful Tabbetha in our studio here in Columbus, NJ


Having your boudoir session with me is so much more than just getting photos done. It is about having the time of your life being who you really are, beautiful. It's about getting dressed up and laughing so hard you forget the way you felt before, and every woman deserves that. Lets talk about your session.


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*Average Boudoir Clients Purchase a Custom Package averaging $850 Total including prints*

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